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Betta eye trouble and glass surfing

David Ellsworth

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I have a betta that spends his day glass swimming in the tank. He was by himself in a 10 gal for several months. He has glass surfed since I had him, back and forth on the glass. I tried placing fake plants and objects (decorations) in the aquarium to give him cover and things to interact with, but nothing stopped the swimming or the fin extending and flaring. The quarantine tank was near the floor and only gets ambient room light, no aquarium lid.


Ammonia= 0.25 (did a water change recently and this close to my tap water level)

Nitrites= 0


KH= 3 drops

GH= 22 drops

Temp= 78F

TDS= 785

This was a quarantine tank he was in to monitor him. I have moved him to a planted 20 gal tank that I have cycled and he is alone in that. His glass surfing has continued there over the last two days. The water test was from the water he came from in the quarantine tank.  Below is a pic of one of his eyes. This is the best I could get with my Macro Lense, He is contently moving.

His eyes look very odd. He can still see and when he moves you can see the pupal of his eye, but the front half is kind of cloudy. When at rest his eyes are kind of cloudy or lazy. The only information I could find online about betta eyes is infection or parasite, Injury, or cataracts? Could he have damaged his eyes on the glass? Both eyes look like this. When he is swimming it kind of looks like drop eye on an arowana, but not quite, so kind of lazy eye and cloudy.


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I moved him to a new that new planted tank. It has better parameters, planted tanks are easier to manage with my water. It is hard to keep a quarantine tank with good water conditions for me. Water changes add ammonia and quarantine tanks don't do the live plant thing. 


In the new tank he has not glass surfed as much, he still does. He hunts all the microfawna in the tank now, but still flares a lot and extends his fins.

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