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I've done both and I didn't notice a difference of any benefits or any detriments. I would just go with how you think it looks in the tank. If you don't like the long roots all over the place I would trim them down and allow the new roots to grab a hold of whatever is around it. If they're not too long I'd just leave them be.

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13 minutes ago, Mori55 said:

Thank you ! Have you ever used the plant weights instead of rocks for Anubias  ? I was thinking of getting some I could glue or wrap around them. 

I have not tried that before, but theoretically I don't see why it wouldn't work. As long as the rhizome is exposed I've never had a problem with anubias. Even just jamming it into small crevices between rocks has worked for me.

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8 hours ago, Mori55 said:

I have flu all statum and it so loose and light nothing stays planted. 

I have heard of people capping stratum with small rock substrate to help hold down plants. I did a small cap on my Eco-complete and it helps.  

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