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Hey team,

I was sent this email, I think they meant to send this to go to the coop. I'm not sure if you care to have this or already got this but i thought id attempt to get it too you anyhow.  I don't have your email and unsure how else to get this to you so I'm posting this for anyone within the coop to receive this.  


Email sent - 

Dear Corey,

We manage Airbnb's and regular 12 month Apartments in a single High Rise building in center of downtown Memphis.  We are not luxury, but certainly historic.  About 2 months ago one of residents moved out and left 20 gal Hexagon aquarium with guppies, that we discovered 3 weeks or so later. 

Well, fast forward, today, I got 5 55g, 2 125g, 45g bowfront and planning to custom build something large ~1000g. Can't stop watching all your YouTube videos and all I now think in the free time is what shrimps I can put with with what fish etc.  

Which got me thinking how to really capitalize on pleasant with productive and hopefully profitable time spent.  

www.exchangesuites.com is our site and building I am talking about.  First Cotton Exchange in Memphis housed there back in the days.  Everyone knows the building locally.  I have never been or seen a fish tank lounge, certainly not in Memphis or surrounding regional area.  Would Co Op be interested jointly doing something with such a spin?


Kindly, Gulam 

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