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Dream tank starting to be realized!

Fish Folk

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So.... on some thread a little while ago, someone asked for “dream tank” setup... or dream fish.... can’t quite remember. ANYWAY— my answer was “Native North American Species tank featuring Rainbow Shiners + Rainbow Darters.” 

Today (drum roll....) the Rainbow Shiners arrived!

We’ll see how they settle in long term.  Here’s specs + a few photos:

29 gal. 63-degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor bio wheel 280 HOB  filter + sponge filter. Mexican beach pebbles (large) plus smoothed landscaping stones. Small dried oak leaves added. Valisneria Americana. Bronze crypt. Hydor powerhead. Cheap LED filtered light + 1x blue coral fluorescent tube. Eco Complete substrate. Small aged piece of mopani wood. 35x Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners). 1x pair of  Etheostoma caeruleum (Rainbow Darters). 






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1 hour ago, OceanTruth said:

The rainbow shiners are beautiful. I definitely have an itch to keep them or another native species. Did you source them locally or online?

Found a breeder who raises some batches each year, and reached out. Once they settle, some will be shared with other members of my fish club. 

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29 minutes ago, Jeff said:

Is this a specific variant of the Rainbow Shiner? I've been contemplating a tank that has the Hillstream Loach as the center piece. These seem like they'd be perfect for this type of tank, with cooler water.

These are Rainbow Shiners Type A. Type B is a lot more red. These are young, and the males should substantially color up if properly cared for. They are quite attractive! They do prefer cooler water, thriving from 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. We may need to invest in a chiller long term for them. They do very well in outdoor tubs, as long as temps are not too high and can be kept out of too much direct sunlight. 

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