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Why is my lucky bamboo turning yellow?

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I bought 3 stalks of lucky bamboo a couple of months ago and I noticed a huge discoloration in one. In the store, they were just floating at the surface. I planted them in my 5g but later had to remove them since I was add African dwarf frogs and I needed a lid. I put them somewhere temporarily that had no fish and no direct artificial or natural light. I noticed a bit of yellowing at the top of one so I moved it into my 10g. It stayed the same but when I had to remove it due to a water change, the top was sticking out of the water. When I put it back the top was a lit mushy and reminded me of steamed asparagus. It began to deteriorate from there with bubbles and some mold. Any help? Again, this was over a 3 month time span. Thanks in advance!



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