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Diseased neon tetra tissue (microscope images)


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Hey everyone!

I’m not sure who might know how to diagnose fish diseases microscopically but I thought I’d share what I found on my neon tetra after I put it down today. I’d spent two months trying to treat it with salt, then herbal bacterial remidies, then maracyn, then salt again, etc. At first I thought I might be making progress but in general, the tetra stayed the same, not getting visibly worse or better. Its tank mate that had fin rot passed away at one point, but the snails got to it before I had a chance to examine the body.

The album starts with a few pictures of its diseased tail. I took one picture of the healthy side of the tail at 60x, and then the rest of the images are the diseased areas. The last three are images of tissue that I sliced vertically through the diseased body area. Magnification is between 60-120x.

I’m seeing a lot of things that look like tiny spreads of fungus, but I’m not sure if it’s really fungus or if it’s something else.

If anyone has any ideas about what this could be I’d love to hear them! Otherwise this can just be for your viewing “pleasure.” 😅



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