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Hi all,
I am a newbie and still cycling my planted tank , (no more ammonia but nitrite still high )

The thing is that I go some algae in the process...  with the algae I started to see other creatures appear  (hitchhikers form the plants) I am guessing .

I see baby snails and I know that these are good ,
I also see very skinny and long worms,  they almost look like white hair until you notice them crawling and eating the algae . I also see tinny little creatures looking like small bugs or fleas ?

I know that some worms are and some creatures are good and some can be very bad I going not find on google a worm that looks like the one I have   and I want to make sure nothing bad is going on before adding fish after the cycling .

I tried to take a picture but these are very small things we are talking about so it blurry 

Thank you 


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The worms are likely detritus worms and are normal. The small stuff in the water is just life of some sort. As a general rule, that stuff goes away as fish move in. Fish tend to gulp down anything small enough to eat and that's moving. An aquarium tends to end up with a lot of living stuff in it that we don't put in it. Nature finds a way.

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I am obsessed with it as I am sure you all know the feeling 😂

Also just to make it clear this picture is super closeup on a small algae spot.  My tank is not that dirty ....

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