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Angelfish eating my plants

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I may have the same issues. with one of my angels.  The community tank was supposed to be planted, but the Anacharis, Moneywort and Wisteria keeps disappearing.  The tank also has a Moonlight Gourami, two smaller Angelfish, some Discus, and an assortment of Tetras.  The King/Queen of the tank checks out every thing including the gravel vac.

I've been wondering if they are under fed, or just like salad.

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Angelfish are pigs and do love their food. I haven't really known them to be herbivores. I have had many angels and I think I have only had one that would eat the veggied/ algae wafers I dropped in for my bristlenose pleco. I  guess you could try feeding them more, but angels in my experiance will never say no to a meal.

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