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Hi, Jeff from Portland Or here.


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The first time I remember being interested in tropical fish was when I was about 6 or 7. Someone had a fish store in their garage next door to my grandma's in Spokane. This was about 1960. Later when we moved to Spokane I often walked to a LFS. I didn't start keeping fish till high school when we moved near Yakima. I must have had at least 10 tanks and raised several types of fish - zebra danios, bettas, pink convicts. Then came college, kids, jobs etc. Now that I'm retired I started keeping fish again. I now have 6 tanks in just over a year. My Corydoras Aeneus just spawned and I have a 20gal with way too many. Now I have to decide who to give some to or get more tanks. Picture is my partially stocked 65gal. You can't see the frog or kuhli's either.



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1 hour ago, ForestJenn said:

I love that obelisk set up!  I always go for natural tanks, but that is very eye catching.  

I found those at a decorative rock place. The ones on the right have a reddish hue. I also got the flagstone there. I put them in water for a week before using to make sure they were inert. Also was careful there were no metallic flecks.  I was hoping the tetras would school around them but they seem to like to hang out between. Also good crevice hiding spots for the Kuhlis.

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