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Thought my 5 gallon tank with plants was doing better, but now I have a lot of algae.  Is this brown or Black hair algae?  I watched Cory's video on algae but still not sure.  Help will be appreciated.  I have one Nerite snail.  Getting ready to change to 10 gallon tank and don't want to take algae problem to new tank.  





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@walker I agree with Brandy. Looks like brown algae. I have the same stuff in my new tank and although it doesn't look that pretty, from what I understand, it's a sign your tank is cycling well, which is a great thing. I just got a Nerite snail and some cherry shrimp to help take care of it. Here is an article that might help if you want to add some critters to your tank.


I got the Nerite and cherry shrimp because my LFS suggested those based on the newness of my tank. They're very hardy so they can adjust to a lot of different conditions. 

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Hey everybody, I have a very similar situation going on. I didn’t want to hijack this post so I started one with pictures of my plants. Would y’all mine taking a look?

This is my daughters tank we’ve been cycling. We’re so close to being cycled I’d hate to have a set back now. 


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