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Long thin ones in the back look like Vallisneria (there are several similar plants with various common names: "jungle val", "italian val", etc.). EDIT: it could also be some sort of narrow leaf java fern. But the picture is a little too small to see exactly. Either really would give you a similar look.

The broad leaf ones look like an Anubias species. Anubias barteri or nana variant.  

Both are sold by Aquarium Co-Op. Both are fairly easy plants.

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I think they are java fern. I did a google image search and found a larger version, and a youtube video of the whole tank. I am linking it, but as it appears to be all in cyrillic script, it isn't much help for me. It might be regular java fern or "trident"? A local seattle store has some in its display tanks that is super narrow like that. Lots of kinds of anubias, the whole layout looks like it is all epiphytes, with some fissidens moss thrown in too. 


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Hi All,

I concur, definitely looks live Needleleaf Java Fern (Microsorum pterous 'Needleleaf').  I have it in my 20 gallon, the leaves get to 14" or more in length.  The Anubias in the foreground of the subject picture needs a little more iron based upon the interveinal chlorosis showing up in the newer leaves.

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