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Is it normal for fish to twist sometimes?


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Gardneri Killifish
74 degrees 
Ammonia and Nitrite 0ppm. Nitrate 10-20ppm. PH is ~7.4

I'm goin crazy trying to find out if this is just a normal thing fish do and im just worrying for nothing. 

So basically is it normal for fish to just kinda...twist/snake around sometimes? It's never panicky or fast or continuous but sometimes I just catch him doing this. hes just swimming, he stops does a slow/stationary like S snake-like motion or a kinda 8-like twisty turn/flip then just goes on about his day. It's hard to explain! Is that normal?

Eating normal, no fast breathing, no other symptoms. Is this something to worry about or just a normal fish thing?

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I have seen adult guppies, goldfish, bettas and most livebearers do goofy swimming a lot. Not so much samll tetras, if I saw it in a tetra I would be concered. Generally speaking if I see a streamlined fish that is fairly zippy and focused I expect them to stay pretty much like that. Guppies and angels are pretty derpy and can do ridiculous things. I have an angel that turned a full somersault trying to reach a vibrabite that was getting away.

I am not super familiar with killies, but the golden wonders I have seen in fish stores seem like they are somewhere in the middle, so you may have a goofball? Also they seem to me almost like miniature barracuda, and I have definitely seen a patroling barracuda do a weird sinister double back to check behind him. Not sure if the character of this is more sharp or wiggly puppy?

In any case, weird swimming that is really bad generally looks like the fish is stressed, and out of control in some way--either exhausted or out of control and spastic. Anything else is likely idiosyncratic, and I wouldn't worry.

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My tanks in my room so he probably can always see me, he's quite skittish tho and doesn't really excitedly rush to see me or eat food. 

Mentioning betta I actually had a betta who did the same snake kinda movement but not the 8-turn/flip (that i ever saw anyway). I wish I could catch him on video doing it, I've tried but it's just a random thing so I would just have to get lucky! Its like a sharp slow deliberate movement.

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