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Does substrate really matter with guppies?


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Like the tittle said does substrate really matter with guppies? I'm asking because i got this really cool looking sand for my new aquarium but the package said its more for African cichlid. Im wondering if thats still ok for guppies (and possibly swordtails,platys and mollies, shrimps ect) or will it mess up all my fish?

Bought it in store but i was able to find it on amazon too if anyone needs a visual/specific on what it is.



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Just now, MickS77 said:

I think it would be alright, the Guppies will probably appreciate the water hardness and minerals from that substrate. 

I was thinking that too, but i wanted to make sure i was not making a mistake. Though i'm planing on using said tank to grow up frys and maybe be a seperation tank to keep all my males, do you think the other fish mentioned will like it too?

Tank is 10 gallons and i'm also planing to had some rocks and plants in it. Maybe try some shrimps too.

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