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Spotted Congo Puffer Sinking / Cannot Swim


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I have a spotted congo puffer that arrived  on Wednesday. He arrived floating sideways in the bag. He was drip acclimated and put in quarantine tank with another puffer from same shipment. Other puffer is fine.

This one cannot stay off bottom of tank. He can push off and take a short trip, but is not at all buoyant and settles at the bottom. 

He is not eating and is being syringe fed. He is being treated with General cure and is getting epsom salt baths. I've talked to a couple of aquatic vets. One said that I was doing everything that I could. Another said that without x-rays and oral exam no diagnosis could be made, but suggested "Travel trauma, an internal parasite that is too hardy to kill or has done too much damage already, organ failure from lack of calories, foreign body ingested, even a congenital immune system deficiency" were all possibilities.

Ammonia is 0

Nitrites are 0

Nitrates are around 5ppm

pH is around 7.6

kH is 6

gH is 9 

Tank is definitely cycled. 


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Agree that looks like parasites. Api general cure and paraclense have the same ingredients, and that guy looks like he needs some fast intervention. Maybe some one with more puffer experience can weigh in on levamisole for puffers, or some other internal parasite meds. 

I would agree you are doing the best you can for him. He is going to need to keep eating and hopefully you can catch this, but I think your vets are right. It is going to be tough at this stage.

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