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Community Schooling Fish Suggestions


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I just moved to a 40g tank and have plenty of room for more fish. I prefer smaller schooling fish, low maintenance, and community/non-aggressive.

My water is hard (12) and pH is high (8.0-8.2). 

Tank is planted, no CO2, no heater (67F to 75F) but would bump that up with a heater if I need to. 

Current stock:

  • 8 White Cloud Minnows
  • 6 Eastern Blacknose Dace (local minnow from the creek...very hardy and will school with the White Clouds)
  • 7 Amano Shrimp
  • 4 Nerite snails

I'd like something darker with color. I'm not looking for bottom feeders (Cory/Oto), guppies, platys, or anything over 2". Some I'm considering:

  • Celestial Pearl Danio (may also breed them)
  • Rummy Nose Tetra (may need warmer water and lower pH than I can provide)
  • White Cloud Minnow (I plan to get more, but probably want a second species along with them)
  • Harlequin Rasbora (my pH may be too high)

Most of them (and anything really) prefer lower pH. I'm told they adapt and consistency is more important. Thoughts on that?

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1 minute ago, Socqua said:

Just curious, why no to guppies but endlers make your list?

Male guppies/endlers are much prettier, so people often get just a male tank. If you mix you generally want 3F to 1M to help with aggression from the male. Also, they breed abundantly and rapidly.

I prefer quick sleeker athletic looking fish to “flowy” floaty fish if that makes any sense. Guppies just look funny to me and I have an irrational bias against them. Endlers look different enough but are a bit on the “flowy” side. Looking into them More I’d say they are off the list. 

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Yeah if you have high pH and hard water, live bearers all the way. I love my endlers with a fiery passion and I think you will too. Totally fine to have just males, but they are quite *quite* small. The females are bigger and have great appetities and kind of look like alligators with their flat heads and wide bodies. And they never stop makin babies, which is rad if you're into that kind of thing.

Shame you don't like platy because they're a hoot. Wouldn't call them "flowy" at all, just wriggly little frat bois partying all the time. Food? FOOD! Ahggrhvbrhbhber.

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I agree with Mac, I love cherry barbs for that splash of red, and despite being a barb they are actually quite shy compared to their aggressive cousin the tiger barb. James Black is also correct, it is more important to keep a stable PH vs trying to chase it, as PH swings from water changes cause more harm than a straight high PH. Overtime your fish will acclimate to your PH. Im sure there are some online resources that can help show you a safe and easy way to acclimate your fish. 

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