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In-Store Pick-up

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Is there or will there be an option to purchase something online and pick it up at the store curbside or even just at the door?
There has been a time or two I wanted something simple like fish flakes but the line was so outrageous I didn't want to wait to get inside.
I just feel silly ordering online and having you guys ship it a mile down the road.

I was also wondering, as you are a cashless business, have you thought about eventually allowing BTC/ETH/etc for payments at your store?

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Perhaps someday online ordering and pick up will be available. I have it on our development road map to show in store dry goods and plant inventory on the website real time.  Currently there are still quite a few hurdles for buy online and pick up in store that would happen with any speed. This is why most big stores have you order online then it gets delivered to a store a few days later and you pick up. We'd be looking to have it ready for pick up quickly. Which some stores can do, but often it isn't done right. I've had to wait 45 minutes in my car for a curbside pickup that was "ready" and we want to avoid that.


We took BTC and other alternative payments in the past. It was just a nightmare. Half the time the tech wouldn't work, refunds, and other things were just harder. We'll be sticking to just credit cards in store, and the payment options we have online currently.

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