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Importance of temperature(clowns/dojo’s)


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I recently watched a co op video and noticed there was a fully grown dojo loach in @Cory 800 gallon clown loach tank. Everything I’ve read suggests this isn’t ok, but every fiber of my being wants it to be ok, because I currently have clowns in a hot tank, and dojo’s in a nearly room temperature (colder, 73) tank. It would open up opportunities for me if I can keep them together, as that was my plan before reading dojo’s are supposed to be colder, like goldfish. Whereas clowns thrive above 80 (mine stay 82 minimum) degrees. So, according to the internet, keeping clowns and dojo’s in the same tank is the same as keeping discus and goldfish together. Is it bad? 

I am not one to be over sensitive when it comes to fish keeping ethics, people drive me insane crying about overstocking (just because maintenance is required doesn’t make a tank over stocked) but according to information on the internet these fish can’t be together. Dojo’s lifespan is cut in half in warm water is what I read. How can an average joe like me know what’s accurate, or if this is true? 

Have others here kept fish at “not ok” temperatures? 






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