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advice for white cloud minnows


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Hello, I recently rescued 3 white cloud minnows from my local fish torture center (petco/petsmart). I put them in a 4 gallon container with a sponge filter, java moss, and rocks. I am now looking for inspiration for a white cloud tank, I have contemplated moving them outside this summer into a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub I used as an outside bath last summer. I am considering increasing my numbers by ordering from aqua huna, as I am worried I received all males. Any images of white cloud tanks or advice in keeping these fish are desired. 


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I love my golden white cloud minnows! Trying to spawn more currently - I have 6 in this 20 long (sorry light is weird) that sits at room temperature spawning. They aren’t expensive fish, but raising fry sounds fun to me! 

They love lots of room to swim, and I love watching them do some cool mating zooming around dances in my 55 gallon tank that are completely differently than in their temporary 20 gallon tank. 

So really, as much space as you can give them, they will love it! 



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