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Splotchy Anubias? : /

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Why are my anubias splotchy? They seemed so happy and then....
-too much or not enough nutrients? How often should I add nutrients? I was adding 3 days a week with iron on the alternate days but then noticed what I thought was hair algae so I backed off.
-bad lighting? One light from my T5 blew last week and I am  waiting for my Fluval Plant 3.0 LED light to get here...usps is kinda bumming me out.
-diatoms? Those darn things came back. They are not out of control but some leaves had some on the. Would that cause the splotch?

I appreciate any thoughts you might have. 

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@CharlieBrakes4Butterflies I don't have a solid plant knowledge base yet, but I can tell you I have a lot of brown algae and it doesn't seem to bother the plants as long as I clear it off of the heavily covered leaves.

Do you have a photo?

Are the anubias on the side where the tank light blew? I know they prefer moderate lighting so that might be the case. 

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