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Does anyone have any experience with Chocolate gouramis


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I have had 8 in a 55 gallon with about a dozen harlequin rasboras and a bunch of amano shrimp for almost two years now and I love them. They're touted as a very difficult fish to keep but that hasn't been my experience with them.

From what I researched before buying them the "tricks" to keeping them are heat (I keep them at 82F,) tannins (mopani wood and almond leaves,) and have a variety of food available in case they're picky. They're touted as being very picky about food, but when I bought mine they ate everything I gave them... until recently. They quit eating a couple things but I think it's a combination of not-fresh food and spoiling them a bit with bbs. They do have very small mouths so small food is a must.

55 minutes ago, James Black said:

Very aggressive. He's going to be the boss of the tank

This isn't true, at least not for Sphaerichthys Osphromenoides, I don't know if another fish has the common name "chocolate gourami" but they're a very peaceful species, and many sources including Cory say as much.

Mine squabble with each other but never hurt each other. I don't know what my ratio of male to female is but they court and spar, and don't acknowledge anything else in the tank (however they will pick antennae off of snails, they can't resist them)

I don't recommend keeping a single specimen of this species either. They don't really school, but if they get stressed they will group together. They seem to be more comfortable with their own kind around and with dithers.

As for tanks size and quantities of fish? Personally I don't think I'd recommend a group smaller than six, and I don't think I would keep six in a tank smaller than a 29 gallon (except for breeding) A 29 gives six plenty of room to roam around and not feel cramped, and leaves you plenty of room for a dither of your choice. I wouldn't call this a rule though, these are just my suggestions and I'm sure they could be tweaked with success.

Don't be too afraid to try this fish, but do plenty of research before you try your hand at them. Have a variety of foods ready and you should be ok. Mine really like the bug bites flake right now, they like vibra bites (break up the really curly ones,) If they're picky about even high quality prepared foods they should take frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, cyclops. If for some reason they don't take that, break out the bbs and work on getting some variety in there.

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