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Discus water parameters

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I’m new so hi everyone, I’m trying to set up a 125 gal discus planted tank . My ph is good and it seems like everything else in going good but hardness is in the 700s not sure what to do. I don’t have the Discus yet I’m waiting to get my water right. Can anyone help? Thanks 

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The 3 things I always keep in mind with discus are:

  • Keep the aquarium very warm, somewhere in the 84°F - 86°F
  • Feed a high quality varied diet, I feed some live foods mainly because they will eat live foods readily and once they are eating frequently they will eat just about any dry food you give them also
  • Keep the water clean, either with water changes or very good biological filtration

I would like to hear @Paul's thoughts on what advice he would give also.

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