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My crayfish molted but her claw is stuck! HELP


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So my crayfish molted and her claw is very much stuck I have read lots of different opinions to help them get it off or leave them but this is really stuck i tried to slightly tug it to see and it isnt budging so what should I do? Any time I try to help her a bit she gets very stressed and flips over I don't want to stress her and kill her that way! I am so worried 😞 She is still trying to get it off and watching her struggle is breaking my heart



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I agree with Cory. Leave it bet and let her work it out. 

Just to let you know if she struggles to and she somehow looses the claw it is okay! They will grow it back it just may take a few sheds to grow back to a normal size. 

I used to look after a clawless yabby when I was little (the place I got him the others ripped it's claws off) and he never grew them back! But he lived for years and seemed happy none the less! 

Let it be and if worse comes to worse the claw might be lost but don't worry! It'll be okay! Just keep it comfy and safe and let it do it's thing. 

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@KoolFish97 I have no problem with her having just one claw she would look adorable with a little nub and has nothing in her tank to worry about. this morning she even held her one claw up in my direction before I fed her as if to say "I still got this claw and I know how to use it!!!" I just feel bad when I see her struggling to try and get it off but when I put her feeding tweezers in to even try and help her leverage it she gets VERY stressed and I wouldn't want to stress kill her but it looks like she is still trying to get it off so I have faith in my girl.

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