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Brown Hornwort?


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So, I got this plant as a tiny shred of hornwort with some shrimp I ordered months ago. It is growing constantly, as it does.

But I have seen some of you have really bright green hornwort. Mine has always been a little brown. You can see in this pic, one brighter green part and the rest browner.


I don't know if I have a brownish variety, or if this plant is trying to tell me something. I have 10-15ppm nitrate in this tank, but I think it drops lower now and then. I have good Nicrew planted plus lights, so I think that should be adequate, and the tip of the plant is less than 4 inches from the light. Guessing it is a heavy feeder? 


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Ok I just need lots more fertilizer then. Thanks @Cory! I suspect I am always too cautious with ferts.

I have it weighted in the guppy tank and it is fabulous for fry recovery, I just lift the clump out, scoop the fry, and drop it back in place. 

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