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Noob Nerm here!


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Hi all! 
I’m brand new to fish keeping. I cycled my first tank summer 2020. I’m up to 4 tanks now... but I’ve got my eye on another! 😂

I’m very thankful that my family enjoys my new hobby/obsession. 

I can’t begin to say how much I’ve learned from this group and Cory and Irene’s videos. It’s saved me from making huge mistakes and encouraged me to try new things. 

Here are my tanks:

15 gallon cube - this was supposed to be an aquascaped-only tank but it was my first try and I killed half the plants. Clearly my houseplant green thumb didn’t transfer to aquatic plants, even after 2 weeks of research. It’s now my display tank because it’s in my kitchen and we can see it all day. It has a boatload of hearty plants now, along with 8ish? hitchhiker snails, 1 Zebra nerite, 10 fire red shrimp, 5 amano, 1 Kuhli loach, 6 neon tetras and 2 honey Gourami. I adore the honey Gourami for their sweet nature. This tank is insanely stable and I credit the cleanup crew and plants. 

Fire red shrimp 3 gallon - started with 12, two weeks later I’m down to 4 adults and a dozen shrimplets. They didn’t look great coming from the supplier, so I’m not surprised that I’ve lost so many. Hoping they all bounce back soon. 

6 gallon Blue Dream shrimp- started with 20 and they are holding steady. They looked much better than the reds so I’m hoping they start breeding soon. 

3 gallon betta - my original tank, houses my betta (Francis VIII) and an albino pleco. He keeps the tank spotless and has doubled in size since I got him. I think the pleco will go to the 15 gallon soon. Francis is next in line for a tank upgrade. Yay! More tanks!


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33 minutes ago, James Black said:

Those pictures are taking very well! I am awful at showcasing my fish through photos. Whats your trick?

Thanks James!  I’ve got a lot to learn about how to actually post them though.  Why do they rotate when I upload?!?

I read a great thread about fish photography here on the forum. I’ll see if I can find it. Learned a lot from it - turn off all background lights and feed the fish at the front of the tank were 2 tips I use all the time  

Also, I have smaller tanks and I like detail. So I asked for a macro clip on lens for my iPhone for my birthday. I’ll put that link below. I’ve been happy with it, but then again, I’m easily amused. 



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6 minutes ago, FlyingFishKeeper said:

Welcome to the forum! Great planted tank, also you betta looks a lot like mine lol. As for the photos I'm not sure where but I think I saw someone else post about it on the forum maybe under the "Forum Announcements" tab?

I’ll poke around in that tab, thanks! 

We do have betta twins! They are such fun fish to watch. Mine is slow, curious and easy to photograph!


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If you are looking for new tanks and you dont want to go the used rout and want just standard tanks our petco is doing the dollar a gallon sale till jan30ish up to 29 gallons and had much bigger tanks for half off too. Not too sure if the sale is nation wide at the moment but I would geuss that it is.. Good luck lol. We picked up a 29 a 20L and a 10 for under 100

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