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Can young shrimp produce viable eggs?

Cast Autumn

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Hello everyone, 
My shrimp tank has been doing outstandingly since I set it up months ago and have a very active population of blue jelly shrimp and lots of snails, my question is can young female shrimp produce viable offspring or do they just produce non-fertilized eggs? I have only ever seen full grown adults produce eggs in pictures of other shrimp, but almost every female in my colony has eggs right now, even the young ones. I started this tank in October and a couple of the blue jellies came with eggs already, these are offspring from those adults. It seems to me that they would not be old enough to reproduce yet, maybe I am wrong though? 

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1 minute ago, James Black said:

A quick google search says they become mature and active (if you know what I mean) at 3 weeks sometimes.

Wow that is young, thanks for the information. Now I just need to figure out what I’m gonna do with all these shrimp soon 😅.

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