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Is Panacur c safe for scaleless fish like pea puffers?


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Fenbendazole I believe is the medicine in Panacur C.  I use a different brand (safe-guard) but should be the same idea 
 I've used this but dosing it isn't exactly easy.    I know where I get it from, they sell it in different strengths, for large/medium/small dogs.   Each one has a different dosage of Fenbendazole granules.  I use the one for small dogs, which has 222mg of Fenbendazole per gram of the de-wormer (1 packet = 1 gram).   My experience and research suggests that you want 100g of Fenbendazole per 10gallons of water.   So I have to split my packet in half.   depending on what your de-wormer concentration is, you'll have to do some maths.

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