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Black Moor Sunken Eye, Odd Shape

Garrett Dare

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Hello friends,

Here's a photo of my black moor's eye today and a photo of her a few weeks ago when she bumped her eye on something (a rock that I removed). A few days after I noticed the scratch, I noticed her eye had shrunk significantly. Some research and forum reading told me the fluid sac had likely been ruptured, but she would be fine. Her eye will likely never be full sized again.

However, now the eye is starting to look a bit sunken in. Should this concern me? Thanks!


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1 minute ago, Colu said:

I would try some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons salt can add essential electrolyte and minerals  and help with osmosis 

sounds good! I probably should have done this a week ago! I have an albino bristlenose and some mystery snails in there with her and the other two golds. Should I put the black moor in a hospital tank with salt or would the others be okay with a smaller dosage of salt? 

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