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Pre-Ordering and Pre-Paying Live Fish

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Hi, I will be traveling to Seattle the last week of February from the East Coast and I wanted to see if anyone knew if Aquarium Coop would allow you to pre-order and pre-pay to pick up at a certain time. 

I really want to get four or five trios of the Vienna guppies and some of Dean’s Black Rams. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 

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@alpenglow007due to increased foot traffic at our shop we no longer do prepaid orders on most fish. Bettas are the one exception. We only do fist come fist serve as we found its getting too hard to guarantee the fish you want will still be in stock. I can't say if we will still have Deans midnight rams at that time but I should certainly have Vienna guppies still in stock at that time.

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