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How to treat African Dwarf frog with possible parasites

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Hello! I have two african dwarf frogs and one of them is much skinnier then the other. I am around during feeding and he gets the same amount of food as the other frog and betta but is much smaller and skinnier then the others. There is no aggression in the tank in any way. Is something like API General Cure safe for frogs? Is there anything it could be that is leading to him being so skinny? Thanks!

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This image found on pinterest shows a good example of how a male is a bit skinnier than a female.  And I would say from this picture the male is actually somewhat plump for ADF:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/145030050486668133/

The male in the picture is the one with the bumps under the arms and is holding onto his froggy lady.

If your male's body mass is something like this or a bit thinner/flatter, then you should be pretty good. 

African Dwarf Frogs often will not eat if they have a bacterial or fungal infection.  Both bacterial and fungal infections are common in the trade and can surface weeks to months later.  Because of that, unless you are certain it is parasitical, I would encourage you to consider doing a broadspectrum like the Coop's med trio.  

Also, what have you been feeding them?  Sometimes ADF will be snobby about their foods. 

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