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Spunge Filtrs

Mark Mason

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I agree, the timing on this video was perfect.  I purchased a sponge filter for the quarantine tank.  When I got home, I sat down and opened up youtube with the intention of searching for sponge filter videos.  But lo and behold you'd posted one!   It was great!

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I really didn't need to say perfect more than once.
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On 8/13/2020 at 8:55 AM, Mark Mason said:

Thanks Cory for the Sponge Filter update video I redid all my tanks and its a clear improvement

If you haven't seen it you should :  ) 

P.s would love to see sum submersible filter comparisons


I swear, it's like Cory can read my mind.

Got some Aquarium Co-op sponge filters and Never Clog Air Stones the other day and had been wondering how to optimize them ever since (I'm new to the hobby). Sure enough, he releases 20 glorious minutes of sponge filter information, techniques, and demos examples. Two weeks ago I had questions about tetra schools because my LFS scared me about growing them and--bam--he releases his rummy nose video.

If you see this, Cory, I have no idea how you're doing it...or what pact you had to make to be so on-point with your content.

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