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Do healthy fish show you signs they're at the end of their life?


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Hello all,

Do healthy fish give off signs that they're at the end of their lifespan?

I have a male Molly that I've had for about a year.  He stopped chasing the gals about 2 weeks ago,  and just seemed a bit slower overall. He still ate, but he was no longer ravenous.  He swam just fine. 

Last night, he just decided to sit on the gravel,  after not eating.  I have never seen this before from him. He is no longer swimming, and I believe he will pass away soon. 

Is this typical of a healthy fish that has just reached his time? He shows no visible signs of illness. Scales are normal,  color is normal,  find aren't clamped, etc. Water parameters are normal for me as well, as are the other fish in the tank. 

Sad. Thanks in advance. 




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Thanks, though I honestly really don't think so. He can swim around fine if nudged, but he has no interest in swimming.

He just seems like "it's time." I was curious if others have seen similar behavior before an otherwise healthy fish passes. 

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Health is a matter of degrees, so my opinion is yes they do show signs, we just fail to recognize them for what they are. 

My Pleco, age 11+ was primarily nocturnal, but would come to the surface at feeding time for an easy meal and a belly rub.  Eventually it stopped doing this, and over weeks it swam less and rested more until it passed.  I had an Angel that stopped following it's tankmate, began to limit its travels to one side of the tank, and eventually stopped chasing food before it passed.

Conversely, I have a Danio which looks like he was slammed in a car door. The fish spent 3 days on the bottom behind a plant.  I figured it's time had come. On day 4 it was back to chasing every fish in the tank.


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