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Hardscape selection in store

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Hello!  I am planning on driving up from Oregon next weekend and would appreciate local info on the selection of rocks and wood in store.  One of the items on my list is a narrow piece of wood (driftwood/logs) between 16 and 18 inches long to stick out of the top of my kid's tank.  She wants a pink plant for her aquarium and I am not messing around with CO2 - so we are going to try a begonia above the tank.  Any info on selection and general pricing of hardscape would be awesome.

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Hi @Wildflowergrahamwe carry a selection of Manzanita wood, spider wood, and kiki wood for our wood selection. For rocks we have bulk pieces (sizes range small to fairly large) of dragon stone and seiryu stone and nano size of them as well that comes in 5lb bags. For wood that's going to meet that length is probably going to be my large manzanita wood which is priced at 29.99. My large kiki wood will be at 25.99 but but that might be to wide for your taste. For bulk stones we sell by the pound and prices are $2.99 a pound. The nano bags are 19.99 a bag.

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