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Any ideas on making a stand taller?

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Hello! I have had one complaint with almost all of my aquariums with stands. They are too low! I would much rather have them eye level fish tank then for me to have to bend down to look inside. Any ideas on raising a stand while at the same time keeping it structurally sound? I am mainly looking at this tank (link is below).  I saw some aquarium that looked like WaterBoxes but weren't and I was amazed at how bigger and better it looked with a tall stand. My currently largest aquarium is a 75 gallon Majesty from PetSmart and I am looking to step it up. Any tips or ideas to modify a largish tank (125g) would be greatly appreciated!


Aqueon 125 Gallon Aquarium LED Ensemble | Fish Tanks & Aquariums | PetSmart

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Yeah, you can build a wood frame for the stand to sit on but IMO the cleaner way would be to save the money on buying a stand and build from scratch.

As far as structural integrity I can take a look at it and help, and plenty of other members here have experience building robust stands and have shared photos of their builds.

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