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Moss/Plant to cover adhesion spots

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I have recently made walls , tunnel hides (for plecos), volcanos décor with lava rock. I am looking for a good plant that can hide some of the ugly adhesion spots. I have anubias hiding some spots and Java moss in one tank. In my other tank I want a different plant/moss to cover the ugly. 

Does anyone have any good recommendations for this? The lava rock is maroon (i soaked and washed and washed the rocks forever) 

I am not an artist at all so some of the glue spots are noticeable and thats why im looking for a plant to cover them. 

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Believe it or not marimo moss balls works great in nooks and crannies. Someone posted  a picture here on the forum, and for the life of me i cant find it to show you. But the idea is that marimo moss balls dont have to be in a ball. He cut them open and stuffed them into the crevices around his rock and drift wood decor. It looked really good. I will keep searching the forum for where i seen it. Maybe another member rembers what thread it was in and can help me find it. Marimo moss balls, i never thought to ise them like that. 

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