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Hugos really been enjoying his new freinds, i dont think he likes the fact that the neon tetras get food, he wishes it was all for him. At first it was challenging to get the neon tetras to eat without hugo hogging it. I've started using flakes that i push down to sink for the tetras and then i stick with the floating pellets for hugo. Hugo doesnt like food out of his feeding ring or sinking food, so that helps.

The plants have been growing amazingly! The hygrophillia compact is about to split into two and the sword has some baby leaves. The hygrophillia siamensis is melting back.

Hugo loves to sleep under the leaves as well as by the filter intake. I wonder why he likes the filter intake, maybe he just likes the sucking feeling, idk😆. I know hes not getting sucked in because he can easily swim away from it and theres like 0 flow in the tank. He also LOVES sleeping underneath the wood. He just loves to sleep!

The neon tetras have started their "loose schooling" which is good it means they are comfotable in their tank.

I wanna get a snail for this tank, back when i did have a mystery snail he would stare at it for hours. Im thinking a nirite snail.


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On 4/15/2021 at 12:39 PM, James Black said:

The wood finally sank! 

Hugo also LOVES the wood, I was taking it out to readjust the anubias and he was not HAVING IT! "Thats my wood hooman, back off"! So I fed him and he was all happy after.

Thankyou @Streetwise I readjusted the anubias and it looks WAYYY better!

I just cant wait to get my hands on some Buce!

I will be going to my LFS soon where I'll be looking for different fish for my community tank. As well as some Buce, and some Freinds for Hugo, still dont know what I want. 


Also I relize that I forgot to update you all on Hugos Fins.

Not any dramatic growth, but were getting back to his full moon week by week.

This was him 2 weeks ago:


And then this is him today:


Thanks for the update pics James!  I was hoping to see his fins growing back out.  😊

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Hugo and the Neon Tetras have been doing great! And I've defentley been over feeding, they all have big bellies. Today I decided to fast them. I usually do this on Thursdays, but I forgot last week 😁.

The Sword has been dealing with a Iron Defency (I beleive...) so I've started dosing the Tropica Iron Ferts for that. Both swords in the community Tank and in the betta tank actually has been struggiling with that.

Everyday I see new growth on the hygrophillia compact, its SOO PRETTY...

The Hygrophillia Siamensis hasn't been doing the best. Neither the one in the community tank nor in Hugos. 

Theres just a tad bit of bio-film on the driftwood so I think its time for a Nirite snail... its on my shopping list.

Also I got some suction cups to hold the feeding rin to the side of the glass, I orderd like a month ago and it finally came!

ALSO, Hugo has a part of his halfmoon back! SO EXCITED!




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