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How would you stock a 75g for action and color?


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Just daydreaming about my next tank, as one does.

I'm so in love with my heavily planted 36g Love Tank full of endlers, platy and snails of all kinds. There's so much activity and funny goings-on, and they all have great appetites for algae and any kind of food I put in there. So I'm going to enjoy that for quite awhile, but of course I'm already thinking about what else I'd like to try that won't fit in this tank (especially since there are babies everywhere).

I have pretty soft, neutral water that I've been chucking handfuls of crushed coral into for my livebearer tank, but it looks like a lot of the larger, colorful fish would prefer that softness. But it also seems like a number of the larger, colorful fish (angels, gourami, discus) are kind of slow, shy, or otherwise a little boring. Any exceptions to that rule?

How would you stock a well-planted 75g for a lot of action and color so that your zones are all covered, no one's actively predating or bullying each other, and they like the same sorts of water parameters?

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A few things:

-In my opinion after the angels have been introduced they are out and about and almost never hiding and always looking for food.

-I have never kept discus but I have read that they are simillar to angels like the above.

-I would do discus with colorful cardinal tetras, I think that would look great! the tetras will serve as dither fish for the discus, but I feel like you have to wait a little for the discus and angels to get adjusted to you.

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