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Maybe worms?


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I have a 75 gallon 6 week old tank. 0 am /0 nitrite/ 25 nitrate/7.6 Ph and it may be on the hard side since it's Chicago water.  Temp is 76 degrees. I posted earlier thinking it was fungal or bacterial. I dosed the tank as it were a minor fungal infection seeing the fish were eating and not acting too sick. I did the one treatment of Erythomicin and Ich x one week soak on Tuesday night. Yesterday they seemed to behaving great and eating well still. Today they are eating but a little less lethargic. Now I notice on the their sides what seems to be a white worm. Both have it and it's much clearer now after the med treatment. Contemplating dong Paracleanse but not sure how to incorporate it with what I have done or at what dosages. The worms are tiny and white. That's if they are even worms. That's where you guys come in if you have ever seen this before. From the internet searches they look closest to planaria.

female worm 2.jpg

male worm 1.jpg

male worm 2.jpg

male worm 3.jpg

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I don't know about running them together.  I have never run them together, but paracleanse and general cure both have the same active ingredient that's in Prazipro, so you should be fine.  but If I remember ICH-X is recommended to be dosed every day, and that you should do some water change (25%?) before dosing again.   If you haven't dosed ICH-X since Tuesday, I'd change some water and just dose the Prazipro just to be safe. 

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