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Number of fish to stock


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Right now I'm deciding how much fish I should put in my new 20 gallon long. I really like the harlequin rasboras, corydoras, otocinclus, and I really dont know what else. You can help me by telling me how much of each fish there should be in the 20g. Or you can suggest and other great fish.

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47 minutes ago, swivvr said:

Thanks for your suggestion. I think I heard Cory say that if you have an amazon sword, which I do, a pleco will eat it.

Bristlenose seem to have an appetite for some swords. I have a pair of albino BN in a tank with a nice red melon sword, and I have never seen them eating it or noticed any eaten leaves. I got a kleiner prinz sword plant, put it in a tank with some juvenile super reds and they decimated it overnight, but they never touched any of the other few sword plants I have in there. 

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