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Anyone have industrial shelving for tanks?

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I use a single Husky rack. And while it's study as heck and can hold an elephant, I don't love it because --

1) The shelves are hard to level, even if the whole rack is level, given the nature of how they slot together and bang into place, and the flexibility of the underlying metal shelf grates (even when I use plywood on top of that).

2) Every time I accidentally clank something against the metal (this happens more than I want to admit), it sends all the more skittish fish into hiding, and this trains them to be skittish when i approach, even for feedings, which is annoying because they'll let the food get to the bottom of the tank where some of them are less likely to feed.

I still use the Husky rack because It has running tanks on it. But I've since gotten into the practice of making racks from 2x4's, and this has been more successful in terms of customization to my specs, and noise dampening.

Can't comment on the Gladiators as I haven't used one, but I don't think I'll use another industrial racks in the future and will retire my existing Husky when I have the time and energy to relocate some tanks.

All in all, I don't mean to discourage the use of industrial racks. They do work, and a lot of people use them successfully.  I just don't prefer them. But this is based on my singular experience with a single manufacturer's rack.

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I was thinking of buying a 125 long. Do you they could hold weight like that? Some on Home Depot shelves are rated for 2500 lbs. I did the math and a bare bottom (which I wouldn't do) weighs 1,000lbs. Too much weight?

Here is the link for Home Depot: Husky Black 4-Tier Heavy Duty Industrial Welded Steel Garage Shelving Unit (77 in. W x 78 in. H x 24 in. D)-HBR782478W4 - The Home Depot

Here is the link for the tank: Aqueon 125 Gallon Aquarium LED Ensemble | Fish Tanks & Aquariums | PetSmart

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They can be made to hold it. The challenge will be getting the tank to fit. The same problem happens with 2 40b on a 77"

The 77" racks are leg to leg total not shelf size. The shelf is usually right at 72" or slightly under. The tank can still fit if it is less deep than the opening between the front and back legs.

You would have to center the tank between the uprights in the middle of the shelf. The issue would be none of the tank is resting near any of the beams. It would be 100% on the wire. I would use 3/4 ply if attempting this. It would span both beams and take care of the potential cantilever between the legs on the small ends.


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Figured I'd just bump this thread rather than start a new one. I picked up an edsal rack from Lowes over the weekend. So far, I've been really happy with it except for the shelf design. The braces running front to back are in the middle and edges of the shelves. This creates high spots on each shelf so anything that doesn't run the full length creates pressure points.

Right now one of the shelves has a rimless 10 gallon on it. I put down a 1/8" piece of sealed MDF topped with 6mm EVA foam. Figured I'd be extra cautious since it's a rimless tank.

I've got a rimmed 29 gallon I'd like to put on one of the shelves, but I'm not sure if I should bother with a piece of plywood on top of the wire. Could I just put down a layer of the EVA foam to level out the shelf and set the tank directly on the foam?

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Hey quick question!  I am new here so nice to meet everyone!  I am setting up a rack system for 20 gallon high tanks to house and breed axolotl.  I read the gladiator series is the best choice.  Will I be safe to go with this choice or can anyone recommend a specific gladiator shelf to use for these types of aquariums??  Thanks in advance!

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