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Yes. They are young and freshly planted and converting to your tank parameters...known often as "crypt melt". They COULD melt back to the ground and come back strong a month later. I had one I planted, decided to move to a different tank, ripped out, and 3 months later I had healthy crypts at that location coming back from roots I left behind. The leaves don't mattter at all, the roots are getting established and then they will take off.

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Ive had the same experience that Brandy mentioned where a piece of leftover root brought back another plant. Here are two pictures of lutea in different tanks if it makes you feel any better.

kind of lower light


Higher light


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Even if they seem dead, they might not be! I pulled one out thinking it was dead, and now there is new growth from a tiny root that must have survived. Another one also wilted but has started to spring back to life.



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16 minutes ago, Tanked said:

Its good to hear about the crypts getting a "tan".  Will someone identify this one for me?

The LFS said it was a "Crypt Bunch"  Considering it was a real fish store I wasn't sure if they were kidding.


Looks like a type of crypt wendtii

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