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Betta dropsy healed but at a price


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I’ve had a koi female betta in a 5 gallon bare bottom quarantine tank since the end of November with the 1 male guppy. At the beginning of January she started pineconing on one side and her swimming was off. Eventually she displayed dropsy behavior as well and just sat at the top of the tank. I thought she was a goner but decided to attempt saving her. I added 1/2 tsp of epsom salt to the tank and another 1/2 tsp two days later. Today I checked on her and her pineconing is completely gone but she has a large hole in her side. I have one large piece of lava rock in the tank and she spends most of her time underneath that now instead of at the top as she was when pine coned. She will come out to swim occasionally and I have gotten her to eat live black worms. I have no idea if she will actually recover but the hole in her side really freaked me out.

ph-8, temp 85F (usually kept at 80 but raised after betta became sick), nitrates 20


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