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Hi! I'm new to the forum!

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Hey! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself and my tanks.


I have been in the hobby for 2 years, I know about the aquarium cycle and I am not am a newbie to the hobby.


Here is the rundown of my tanks, some pics of them, and the stocking!

1st tank: Planted 20 gallon long with houses 6 sterbai corydoras, 8 harlequin rasboras, and 1 female betta. (I have to get a lot more plants and these fish are newly bought from my LFS so they are small juveniles)IMG_20201220_112856519.jpg.78e6478301920ec06511d74cffcf4e21.jpgIMG_20201220_112657873_HDR.jpg.4638958d2630b8d5c9703eed86649d8f.jpg)



2nd tank: 5.5 gallon betta tank which houses 1 betta


3rd tank: I am getting a 3rd tank- Coming soon!

Glad to meet new people and be on this forum. 😊

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36 minutes ago, Will Billy said:

Welcome to the forum, i love that pic of your cory’s all lined up like they are taking a family photo or something. Thats a great shot !  I cant stop looking at it they are so darn cute posed up in a row like that. Your betas are some real gems too. 

Thanks for the warm welcome and complementing my fish! My bettas are showstoppers. 🤩 I agree, that is one of my fav pics. All the corys lined up are so cute. The corys are usually pretty skittish, I guess they were just in the mood for a family pic, lol. 😋

9 minutes ago, Pakal said:

Nice Cory Gang lol. I also like your scape in the 1st tank.

Lol, they posed perfectly for the shot. 😅 Thanks, I agree, I like the scape too, (it's my first planted tank, IMO I did pretty good)  I just need to plant it more in my opinion. 

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19 hours ago, Dancing Matt said:

I love that cholla wood/zip tie combo. I have been thinking about getting a floating log for my betta but...

That is also a really cool drawing! Love the art. There is a "fish art" thread in here that would enjoy it.

Thanks, Yeah that log I bought for my betta but I forgot that cholla wood sinks...lol and on another forum a member recommend that trick and it worked. Thanks, I agree, that drawing is really pretty but I didn't draw another member on another forum did. I will  post that pic on that thread if I can find it. 🙂

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So, yesterday I got 6 otocinclus as well as bought a lot more aquarium plants. I got the aquarium plants in the mail so they should arrive in a few days.  I will send a pic of the otos later and as well as explain the aquarium plants I brought later. The otos I got were actually really well-fed, happy, and energetic. IMO and IME that's quite rare for otos as they are mostly wild-caught. I fed them repashy soilent green and blanched veggies. They finished it all. (I added the otos to my 20 gal tank)


Current stocking:

1 betta

8 harlequin rasboras

6 sterbai corydoras

6 otocinclus

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