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Something growing out of wood


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Hi all, this is second time this happened to me in different tanks. My redmoor wood or someone calls it spider wood used in aquarium grow something that looks like small roots. this on pictures and first one are bought in different local shops first one was boiled in water this was wasn't.

That thing have white color tops and black color "body". It is easy removable with toothbrush and it sinks. Snails and shrimps aren't interested in it.

Anyone whit similar thing or any ideas what that is? I found very little informations on google.

@Cory maybe you saw it in China or somewhere else?

I removed 2 weeks agou all of it and this is new growth.




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@MN-AQUARIST @Streetwise tnx for replying.

I did look those posts it's similar but it looks like its growing flat on surfaces but mine grows almost like willow moss and have black body white tips.

Maybe it's different species of Mycelium, @Streetwise if it is type of micelium should i be prepared to remove wood from aquarium in few months if it is sign that it will start rotting fast? 

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I had similar looking structures grow out of wood when I set up a new tank about a year ago. I believe they were some sort of fungus. A year later and they are long gone and never harmed any of the fish, snails or shrimp in the tank including the bristle nose. I wouldn't worry about it.


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