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Using one CO2 bottles for several tanks

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I was wondering how I can use my CO2 bottle for several tanks. I am currently using a big refillable canister it for my 40 gallon, and have a smaller disposable cartridge system for my 5 gallon. Can I divide the tube coming out of the big one with one of those 2 way valves used for air compressors, or do I need an adaptor that would attach to the regulator itself?


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Hi @Machete

Hopefully your two tanks are reasonably close to each other.  Your second choice is correct.  You would need a 'splitter' or 'manifold' to split the CO2 after it goes through the regulator.  You would also need an additional needle valve for the second tank.  With my 20# CO2 tank use a 3-way manifold with built in needle valves to provide CO2 to my 45 gallon, 30 gallon, and 20 gallon.  

2021-01-08 30 Gallon Discus (2) Cropped Adj Sn Sm.JPG

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