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Local clubs and where to find them?


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Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but not new to the Aquarium Co-Op universe.  So, I was watching videos ALL day yesterday, as I'm gearing up to start a new tank in my newly renovated basement.  I would like to do a 30 gallon guppy tank.  I currently have 2 nano tanks upstairs, which brought me out of aquarium retirement about 3 years ago.

In ONE of the dozens of videos I watched yesterday, Cory made mention of a way to find a local club.  But I didn't catch it.  I live in Pittsburgh.  I'm on all sorts of groups, but can't seem to find anything local to me.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

Picture of Data the Betta for your viewing pleasure 🙂


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3 hours ago, James Black said:

aww cute betta😍.

Aquarium Co-op has a map for all local clubs: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/apps/store-locator

Just take note that your local club is probably closed due to covid as many are closed.

Best of luck!

Thank you!! This is what exactly what I was looking for!! I knew you guys would know what I was talking about 🙂

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