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Mystery fish


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New forum user here, never done this kind of social media before so please forgive me if I screw it up. 

20210107_162909.jpeg.5f8aaf766f90bd7a1a1467af29aefa86.jpegThis is my 55 gallon tank, set up in May, 2020.  

I moved fish from some of my other tanks to stock it with corys, pencil fish, SAE's, one pearl gourami, flame tetras, emperor tetras, and bristlenose plecos. I also took all the plants and decor from tanks I've had for ages, so no new stuff other than substrate (eco complete) and mechanicals (heater, etc.). In June, a little baby fish showed up.  


He was obviously different because he has vertical stripes! I have no other fish that look like him in any of my tanks.  He's been doing well, he's gone from hiding in plants when he was small to being out and about now that he's grown. He's currently about 3" long, and very fat! He's bigger than most of the fish in the tank now, except for the SAE's, pearl gourami, and papa pleco. I have no idea what kind of fish he is, or how big he'll get, or if he'll become aggressive with my other fish (so far he's been fine). 



So, any ideas where he came from or what he is?  Any help will be appreciated.



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Thank you! I thought maybe barb but I've never heard of arulius barbs.  I have cherry barbs and African banded barbs in other tanks but they are both much more streamlined than this guy. I'd still like to know where he came from!

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Yes, but that's the thing... All the plants, rocks, and wood came from my other tanks which had all been set up for several months at least.  The only new stuff was eco complete, heater, sponge filters and tank itself!

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