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White Neocaridina shrimp eggs?


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What does it mean when my berried neos eggs are turning white?


It’s just happening to a couple of them so far. One has all white eggs. One has a mix of white and yellow.


If the eggs are dying, would the shrimp drop them automatically or might she hold onto them/potentially get an infection...?


This is my first time having berried shrimp (over 5 total so far!)

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I don't think it is normal for them to turn white, but they are not INSIDE her, so she can't gget sick from them staying there. Shrimp glue the eggs to the outside of their shells. Worst case scenario, if they never hatched she would shed them when she molts next.

That said, I have seen a shrimp kick an egg off when it was poorly glued and not staying where she wanted it, and I have seen eggs range in color from deep gold to almost greenish depending on the light and the color of the mom. I suspect if individual eggs are white they may not be fertile, and she will drop them unhatched, eventually.

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