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Hiya gang,

New guy Nate here. Artist and professor by trade out in ruuuuural eastern oregon. Was into the hobby back in my grade school days, and am excited to climb back into the aqua-saddle. Discovered SerpaDesign randomly on youtube at the start of le apocalypse, which led me to MD Tanks which led me to Cory and Aquarium co-op. Waiting for my Marineland 5 gal. portrait to arrive this week but I'm already craving the Fiji Cube 38 gal. peninsula!

Any tips for a newbie starting with one of these newfangled all-in-one doohickeys? I'm likely gonna mostly focus on flora, but I'm sure I'll get the shrimp bug before too long. Excited to play with some meaty substrates and attempt some self-sufficient tank ecosystems. I'll be making a pilgrimage to Aquarium Co-op soon!

No pics of the tank yet, but these are our aquascaping supervisors Sagan and Finster. Sagan, the orange fat one, is lounging in front of the future home of le tank.

I'm a ceramic person by trade, so let's spitball custom cave, planter and decoration ideas! I'm also thinking i might just manufacture my own porous ceramic bio-media 🤷🏽🥸?

Nate + Co.



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🤦🏽oof, I didn't notice the towel when I first posted. Sahwee 😳 🤷🏽

I had no intention of adding fish to this tank for months, in part because there's not a single place that sells them around me here in Eastern Oregon. But our local new PetSense had a brand new beta display when I went to go buy substrate today and I couldn't resist. I'm thinking a handful of  green neon tetras as his tank mates. 

Co-op plant order placed! Stellatus Octopus, nana petite, dwarf babytears and dwarf  hairgrass seemed to be a good start, along with some almond leaves and hygger 35W nano heater and hygger air pump from Amazon. I also scored a new fluval plant nano on eBay for a less than $70, which I'm super excited about. Ima eventually hotrod this thing to have a better sump system in the back, but that's for another day. There is probably too much earth hidden under my gravel tho...



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