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How to treat ocean rocks before adding to tank?

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Hello! I have about two gallons of rocks I picked up at the beach last month I set it up in a biorb flow 4g without any fish up until now. I am planning to get an alien betta and a few ember tetras for the tank and I was wondering how I can make it safe for fish. The rocks have been soaking in the tank for about a month now and I would obliviously drain it before adding the fish. Thanks in advance!

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I collect beach rocks all the time for my aquariums with nothing more than a rinse under hot water to clean any sand/debris. If you aren't sure what type of rock of what the rock is made from you can take a bucket, test the water hardness and ph to get a baseline and then soak the rock over a period of time and test again to see if it is adding anything to the water. 

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