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Polypterus Breeding


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Have been wanting to do this for years I want to start breeding my Poly Ornates and Poly T's I want to bring a local source to Wisconsin. I have done an almost obsessive amount of research on where they originally are from and what sparks their mood to breed. Want to gather as much info as I can though. So I want to reach out to anyone who has personal experience doing such a project would love some feed back!!!

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Not yet unfortunately but good things come to those who wait am I right? I know it's one of those species that people tend to shade away from bc of their size. Just love them. Also @Irene your video guide of setting up low tech planted tanks helped solved my BBA problem and for that I'm eternally grateful to you 😀!

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15 minutes ago, Hobbit said:

@H.K.Luterman Do you have a bichir?

I have three senegal bichirs, a male, a female, and a juvenile I can't sex yet. I have no experience breeding them however, though my male is rarin' to go!

(he does this when he gets overly excited)


He does head butt and flirt with my female a lot, but she's either not sexually mature yet (I think she's still under 2 years old) or Dragon just has terminal cooties.

I have read about breeding senegals. Basically when you see the courting and spawning behavior (the two of them will butt wiggle together like above) you can put in a spawning mop and then pull the eggs: they're egg scatterers. I think the trickiest part is getting the babies to live. Oddball Aquatics on Youtube has successfully hatched some senegals, but I don't think she's managed to raise any past a certain age. 

And of course this is all senegal info. I don't know how the other species differ. 


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I've personally had Senegal bichir spawn with 2 different groups. The most important thing is observing them daily. You have to collect the eggs asap or the adults will eat them. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the fry alive 😕 

If I decide to try to raise fry again I will be ready hopefully. 


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